Healthcare Educational Resources Essay

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Healthcare Educational Resources Rachel Landry & Sonya Jordan BSHS/375 March 14, 2015 Donna Zeh Does your state provide a comprehensive database of services and technologies available? Mississippi offers many different informational databases on the different types of services available to individuals who live in the state. There is a specific division set up for Assistive Technology within the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, this service offers resources to the community about assistance in home and work environments. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality offers information about Mississippi’s quality of healthcare, the positive and negative aspects and shows the information about where they need to…show more content…
Special needs clients can also go down to the local Department of Human Services offices and request assistance with whatever they may need, and if they do not have an advocate one will be found for them so that they are able to get the help they need. Many medical offices also have information about resources available to the public who need assistance due to a disability. Mississippi offers medical transportation, as do all states and if the client is residing in a foster or group home the agency running the live in care facility will have all the resources the individual needs. What additional assistive technology is available that is not currently used in your selected states? What are the challenges to implement the technology? The technologies that are offered in Mississippi include simple things as well as some of the more common items including tablets, applications and software for speech and communication. There are policies in many states that determine legal obligation to provide certain services to individuals with disabilities. Mississippi did not always have a policy for assistive technology, however currently there is a Assistive Technology Division that Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services can refer their clients to so that they can get the help and resources they may need. These items are beneficial so that individuals are able to contribute to their community and gives them a
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