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Westmount Nursing Inc. is a for profit chain with seven different nursing homes. It has a grown from a small few bed facility to a facility with 4 different divisions that made to help make seniors more independent. The Westmount Nursing Homes were in search for a chief executive officer and president, which was filled by Shirley Carpenter. After Shirley Carpenter came on to the company, many changes were made and implemented. Some implementations were successfully, but she was also challenged with many problems with the Union Federation of Nurses and the Board of directors regarding wages and total quality management implementation. My recommendation would be for Shirley to stop the implementation of total quality management and focus on…show more content…
“Her direct, no-nonsense style was often seen as confrontational, and many found her to be intellectually intimidating. On several occasions she had openly chastised staff members with whom she took issue. …Shirley demanded perfection from her staff but also held herself up to the very highest level of performance expectation” (Longest, Darr, 2010). Nonetheless successful at Grasslands, the board appointed someone else for the place of CEO and Shirley moved on. After Shirley Carpenter came on as Chief Executive Officer for Westmount Nursing Home, the nursing home chain has picked two more nursing homes, increasing the amount of beds for the chain. A year after Shirley started the home started a goal of becoming the “home of choice” to the tri-state area. The idea and marketing strategy was the Westmount would the “one stop shopping” for the elderly. (Longest, Darr, 2010). At Westmount Nursing they would be able to accomplish all the things they need. With the four different divisions they are able to provide the services that the elderly need and require all in one place. Shirley made changes that were seen all across the nursing homes. Before Shirley started at Westmount, the nursing home chain was threatened to lose its licensure, however, Shirley helped dissuade the threat. She reorganized the structure of the nursing, which included add the four different divisions. She also started an asset diversification program to help from relying on revenues from
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