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Confidentiality …In the Medical Workplace A Written Case Brief by: SheTonya Sanders Dr. Cabrera AHPH 480 The Story Sara and Jan, who are both registered nurses at Memorial Hospital, have been friends ever since graduating nursing school 5 years ago. Memorial Hospital is a state of the art hospital with a recently adopted new technology system that allows instant retrieval of medical information and an access to a greater number of people. This “easy access” of patient information has made inter departmental referral of patients quicker and more efficient. The downside of this technology is that it does not have an incorporated internal monitoring system for patient database…show more content…
Prudential Reasoning Patient’s Perspective. The infant (child to Kelly and her husband, Dan) is clearly unable to act as a moral agent. The infant is only a few days old and obviously unable to make decision making capabilities. Proxy’s Perspective. Kelly and Dan are the primary moral agents and have a crucial role in decision making for the infant. The parents are responsible for making decisions for the good of the child’s treatment, but decisions can be overridden. They are also responsible for releasing, if they choose to, the infant’s medical information. It is unknown if the parents would approve for Jan (neighbor/friend/nurse at Memorial Hospital) to view the medical chart. Without the parents signing a medical release form for another individual to view, it is morally unethical for others to view. Only the health professionals responsible for the care and treatment of the infant can and should access the chart. Jan’s Perspective. Jan has been an oncology nurse for approximately five years. Though she is new at Memorial Hospital, she is not new to patient privacy laws and HIPPA. She may be curious and worried about her neighbor’s infant, but knows she should not be viewing the infant’s chart. She is taking advantage and risking Sara’s reputation by asking to view the chart. If Jan believed it was acceptable to view any chart considering she is an employee of the hospital, she would have
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