Healthcare Financing : Health Care Financing Essay

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Health Care Financing Over the past decades, policy makers have been inundated with the challenge of how to raise revenue for the health sector and how to allocate such resources in an equitable and efficient manner; with the developing countries having a major concern of sourcing and maintaining healthcare expenditure. [7] Allocation of sufficient resources to the health sector has been a mirage to various nations and this has necessitated the need to search for various avenues for healthcare financing. The demands for better health coverage have made health to climb higher in political agendas and most countries are working towards improving the health of their populace through various ways of healthcare financing. [8] According to World Health Organization (WHO), healthcare financing is critical towards reaching universal health coverage. Healthcare financing facilitates universal health coverage by raising funds for health; reducing financial barriers to healthcare access through pre-payment and subsequent pooling of funds in preference to direct out-of-pocket payments and using or allocating funds in a way that promotes efficiency and equity. [9] The objectives of health financing are to source for financial resources, look for how to protect people from financial consequences of ill health and determine ways to make optimum use of available resources though cost-effective interventions and ensure that individuals have access to effective health services. Health
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