Healthcare Human Resource Management Essay

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Marianne Lewis
Bus. 303 Human Resources Management
Healthcare Human Resource Management
Professor Gwendolyn McCants-Allen
February 21, 2011

Human resource management is the function performed in organizations that facilitates the most effective use of people (employees) to achieve organizational and individual goals (Ivancevich, 2010). In present day society, organizations have been confronted with profound transformations in the roles of human resource management and its function. The healthcare industry encounters several challenges ranging from ethical and moral aspects, high cost of medical care, economic pressures, regulatory compliances, shortage of qualified professionals, and industry consolidation to deliver health care
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The Human Resources Manager oversees the department (HR) responsible for the hiring and firing of employees. This department also manages all the financial and time-related factors concerning an employee’s work life. The Manager has the responsibility of making decisions that have a direct effect upon the health, safety and financial well-being of all employees. Situations or circumstances may arise in which an employee may feel it is necessary to file a claim concerning some type of erroneous behavior on the part of the employer or employer’s representative. These situations can include injuries, layoffs, getting fired or possibly incidents of arrest or other related type of experiences. Labor claims are specialty areas that human resource professionals are well-trained, receiving the proper knowledge about state and local regulations concerning the disposition of such claims (, 2010). With that said it is imperative that the leadership and management team be efficiently and effectively trained and knowledgeable in the Equal Employment Policies. Creating policies and programs for each area warrants that the organization is in compliance with the law and regulation statues. Compliancy with the EEO helps prevent helps prevent discrimination, sexual harassment, etc. In addition, cultivating an Affirmative Action Plan can benefit and support an organization by taking action