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Healthcare Industry Shauna Sorensen January 17, 2016 Internship Activity The software program that I suggest that we get is called MediTouch Practice management. This software is easy to use; it has preloaded templets that are easy to customize in minutes. It also has preloaded commonly used terminology, medical phrases and forms so you can begin charting from the beginning. Doctors will have easy access to EHR thru this system and it has a great feature called MediDraw. This is a way that doctors can document physical exam findings. All you do is snap a picture with a smart phone or IPad and send it directly to the patient’s chart. Than you can draw on it using your finger tip or a mouse. The practice administrator will…show more content…
With all the research that I did on this product I really think this would be the best investment for our company. It has most of the major programs that we need to
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