Healthcare Industry in the United States

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Introduction This report will show that the healthcare industry in United States of America will go through three stages of evolution. Already through the first stage, this industry will restructure within an atmosphere marked by ambiguity in the regulatory environment, sustained scientific advancement, global economics and digital transformation. By 2030, the health care industry will be drastically different from today and ever more complexly tied to the global health market and its population. With the evolving changes in the industry over the time, our firm should realize the importance of creating new means of developing business and improve firm’s business strategy to continuously succeed in the healthcare industry. This paper begins with a brief examination of the current state of the U.S. health care industry, the numerous problems that confront the industry, followed by the future of the industry and use of technology to support this growth. In the long run the industry will move towards a model called “directed care” (1). Directed care is seen as a predecessor and base for the arrival of true personalized medicine by the second decade of this century. By 2030, the industry will move towards a structure that supports personalized medicine, which is predictive and preventative driving medical practice to be mainly focused on wellness. Eventually the compounding effect of all the innovations, breakthroughs and developments contribute to a new industry structure that
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