Healthcare Inequality in the United Kingdom

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Healthcare Inequality and the UK Poor The United Kingdom is one of the most technologically advanced and financially able countries in the European Union and the world. According to economic scale, the UK has the sixth largest economy (by GDP) in the world and the third ranked economy in the European Union (behind only Germany and France). However, the united kingdom has some of the largest healthcare inequalities in all of the EU. A recent study by the House of Commons Health Committee (2009) found that infant mortality was 2.9 times greater among unskilled workers as compared to professional workers. This gap is further magnified when it comes to access to healthcare for all age groups and evaluating based on certain types of chronic conditions which shorten one's lifespan (The Health Foundation, 2012). The fact that there are still inequalities that are this great in an advanced, industrial society are telling of the problems that exist within the national system. Since healthcare is supposed to be available to all, it would seem that questions such as access would have already been answered long ago. However, the national government has tried to fix it as a national problem, in the past, rather than as one which has many different local variables. This research paper will evaluate the current national policy, try to determine the inequality issues from a local standpoint, discuss why it will take the efforts of many different agencies to solve the problem, and look at
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