Healthcare Informatics : The Satellite Clinic

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Healthcare Informatics The satellite clinic will be provided in information technology as PMH. The EMR or EHR is very important in ameliorating the quality of care. The EMR would be implemented with its meaningful use. The EMR implementation and its meaningful use will augment the patient safety and it would ameliorate the quality of care. Therefore; the Pocahontas County Community will have the same quality of care as the PMH. “Implementing and using EHR systems in a meaningful way is likely to have a net cost over the several years, especially for those who do not yet have robust EHR systems in place and in regular use” (Kudyba S. P. ‘2010’). The same author said: “By quality we mean the six elements described by the IOM in its ‘Quality Chasm’ report: care that is consistently patient centered, effective, safe, timely, efficient, and equitable.”
Essentials of Health Policy and Law The new satellite clinic would accept most insurance plans that would include Medicaid and Medicare. That approach would diversify the number of its patients. The clinic will accept uninsured patients as well. The facility will be committed to providing the best care possible to all its patients without any discrimination. It would be compliant with the HIPPA. It would accept several insurance plans including PPO, HMO, and other Managed Care. That diversification will make the clinic more profitable.
There are three managed care structures common in the market today: health maintenance…
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