Healthcare Information Management Essay examples

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Running Head: HEALTHCARE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Study of Healthcare Information Management Jennifer Bartus HCA352 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information Management Olympia Boyce-Taylor August 18, 2013 HEALTHCARE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT There are various legal and ethical aspects of Health Information Management. Government regulations in healthcare continue to make drastic changes. In Healthcare, lawsuits become more and more complex and issues increase. It is important for Health Information managers to have knowledge of healthcare laws. Laws are created, enacted and enforced in healthcare. US congress federal laws…show more content…
In Healthcare, providers often deal with the Executive branch of the government. For example, Health and Human services control Medicare payments to healthcare providers. The chief executive has a large role in the Executive branch. Once the chief executive signs a bill then it becomes law and if the bill is rejected, then the bill is vetoed. He or she issues executive orders; these orders are implemented and give direction to the administrative agencies. The Judicial branch interprets the law. It brings resolution to disputes. If parties cannot resolve conflicts then they can enforce a lawsuit. This will enforce the court to resolve their legal issues. The court applies the law to the particular dispute. It looks into all relevant statues, constitutional provisions and administrative facts. They determine the shape and structure of the judicial system. A judicial branch of government oversees the court system in the United States and explains the meaning of the constitution and all laws passed by congress. Principles and Theories of liability Health Information Managers often deal with liability in Healthcare institutions. Liability gives healthcare providers anxiety. This could cause damage to properties, party’s rights and reputations to Health institutions. Each healthcare institution has levels of relationships that
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