Healthcare Information Systems ( Pms ) And Electronic Medical Records ( Emr )

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In today’s information age, there is a growing trend towards digitalization of the services provided. A field of study that has recently gained momentum is healthcare. Over a course of time, a patient’s healthcare information is progressively accumulated, therefore is a high need of a systematic system that can efficiently store as well as retrieve all that medical information when in need. Two healthcare information systems that provide such an electronic medium for patient care are: practice management systems (PMS) and electronic medical records (EMR). Despite the potential benefits, the implementation of these processes impose some challenges, for instance in the case of establishing mobile health clinics by the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) (Brown, C.V., Dehayes, D.W., Hoffer, J.A, Martin, E.W., & Perkins, W.C., 2012). Background to the Organization CHF is an organization that strives to provide basic healthcare to the country’s underprivileged population primarily the children under the age of 24 (Brown et al., 2012). In 1987, Dr Irwin Redlener, the cofounder and the president of the organization established the organization in New York City (Brown et al., 2012). Another co-founder of this organization was a singer and songwriter named Paul Simon (Brown et al., 2012). Initially, the organization’s primary focus was to mainly provide healthcare to homeless kids, which was later transitions to a broader goal. The organization runs over 200 healthcare sites, which

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