Healthcare Is A Complex Environment

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Healthcare is a complex environment with many different facets to manage. For a patient experience to be a good experience, it depends on everyone from the patient access team to the janitor cleaning the room. Turnover in healthcare is an ongoing problem and is nothing new to the industry. However, nurse turnover is a large ratio within a healthcare organization. Nurse turnover is expensive, disruptive, and can cause problems in patient care. This is not a new problem in healthcare, it has been an ongoing problem for years. Healthcare is at a crisis level in the United States right now. There is roughly more than 3.1 million registered nurses across the United States. Out of that number only about 2.6 are employed. Many …show more content…

CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid) monitors the survey and it measures 16 different indicators of patient satisfaction. By improving employee engagement. Nurse turnover rate is an undesirable trend within a healthcare organization. Nurses leave their positions for many reasons; both voluntary and involuntary. Studies have shown that 17.5% of newly hired nurses hired leave their first job within the first year of their position, 33.5% of nurses within the first 2 years. (Blair 2014) Voluntary reasons for leaving a job are the following: Pay/Benefits Promotions Work Environment Health Reasons/Retirement Involuntary reasons for leaving are: Facility Closings/Layoff Dismissal due to performance In order to really diagnose the issues of why and how employee satisfaction affects patient outcomes; health care systems need to look at drivers that affect the levels of different groups, translate the drivers that set the actions and behaviors that are realistic, meaningful, and sustainable. As within medicine, diagnosing a problem without treatment, will not bring lasting changes and improvements. My research will focus on benefits, work environment, and education. One study shows that job dissatisfaction contribute to costly labor disputes, turnover and risk to patient care. The study showed that out of the 95,499 nurses surveyed the higher number of dissatisfied employees and burnout were with nurses providing direct patient care

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