Healthcare Is a Right, Not a Privilege

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Introduction The service of good healthcare is essential to the society due to two major causes; reprieve from diseases and improved healthcare facilities for humans (Bowers & Kiefe, 2002). Nonetheless, the healthcare system has been undergoing some extreme difficulties from the very beginning of the 1990s. Speedy progress towards a technique of controlled healthcare and incorporated delivery systems has led the healthcare suppliers to identify the existence of a contest and competitive surge. It's possible to only subsist in this competitive environment when the healthcare provided is beyond the customer's demands and expectations (Lee, Delene, Bunda & Kim, 2000). To be able to provide economical healthcare to the clients, the hospitals have to study the major facets of service quality (Li, 1997). Healthcare has been observed in many ways in the elements of traditional healthcare research. Quality was explained by Donadedian, 1988 as the ability to reach the wanted goals by fair means only, here the wanted goals means an attainable position of health for the elderly (Dagger & Sweeney, 2006). If we view it from the different perspective the improvement of healthcare for the elderly may be observed in an effort to increase patronage, long term profitability and competitive advantage (Headley & Miller, 1993). Purpose of the paper What constitutes as a right? Many claim that the natural rights of a human being are those that encompass complete autonomy for the individual
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