Healthcare Issues And Solutions With A Nurse Practitioner

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Discussing Healthcare Issue and Solutions With a Nurse Practitioner The healthcare system in America, is a system that the nation is working hard to improve and perfect. This means the rules and regulations in healthcare continue to change, and often times change rapidly. In the years to come, nurse practitioners (NPs) are predicted to hold a prominent role as healthcare providers. Currently, there are many rules and regulations that prevent NPs from practicing to the full extent of their educations. While the NP certification is standardized nationwide, regulations vary from state to state and many NP are still fighting to be recognized as highly qualified care providers. These current issues make uniting the voices of NPs everywhere important for the progression of the NP career. L.P., a currently practicing NP, was interviewed in an attempt to explore her thoughts on issue and possible solutions affecting NPs. L.P. started her education with a bachelor’s degree in education. She later returned to school to receive her registered nurse (RN) license and gained experience working in several hospital departments for over 20 years. During this time she worked on completing a master’s in healthcare administration and wellness promotion. She later returned to Drexel to complete her bachelor’s and master’s in nursing to work as a Family Practice NP. She has been practicing as an NP for five years, with her start in a physician practice and is currently working in the
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