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Michael Booth May 10, 2015 HCM – 500 – Q4298 Healthcare Informatics 15TW4 Healthcare Law and IT Healthcare Law and IT With the enforcement of both the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), our health care systems have undergone drastic and continuous change in health care policy, regulations, and reforms. This has significantly changed the way our health care organizations have provided medical services to patients, and at the same time meet new health care law requirements. The issue, however, in meeting these reforms lies in ensuring patients receive quality care at an affordable price, and that health care organizations meet these goals through technological improvements with Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). In doing so, health care organizations can not only meet the new health care law requirements, but, at the same time, save financial resources to improve quality standards of care for patients in the present and in the future. To support this claim I have provided the following research that will illustrate a brief insight into the new health care laws regarding HIT, how HIT tracks patient data, why patient data collected by HIT is important, how health care organizations use patient data from HIT to improve care and cost efficiency, and how health care organization use patient data from HIT to meet the new health care
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