Healthcare Leader Interview Essay

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Health Care Leader Interview NUR/492 June 17, 2013 Healthcare changes occurring today along with shrinking budgets and reimbursement rates for hospitals has forced institution CEOs to do more with less. Changes and restructuring of various health facilities require nursing leaders with flexibility and adaptability. Nurse leaders must also consider budgetary constraints, cost effectiveness, patient safety, and quality care while maintaining focus on improved patient outcome. The responsibility of ensuring patients receive safe and high quality care belongs to every employee in the hospital, including support staff such as IV therapy. In this hospital, this led to the development of a nurse director position to oversee the…show more content…
In a study on qualities of nursing leadership, the authors found nurses’ respect for their manager increased when the manager involved nursing staff in decisions which directly impact the care they provided (Anderson, Manno, O'Connor, & Gallgher, 2010). What is your personal philosophy of leadership? While considering this question about her personal philosophy of leadership, the director of nursing support services was thoughtful for a few moments before supplying an answer. Staying true to personal and professional ethics, promoting accountability, and committing to professionalism and excellence in her role as a leader demonstrates her personal philosophy of leadership. Leaders should continue to experience personal and professional growth and be responsible for learning and educational opportunities to aid in that growth. A leader’s past personal and professional values, education, and work experiences influence leadership style (Hobirk & Deuchar, 2011). What learning experiences have had the most influence on your own personal development as a leader? Learning experiences influencing her personal development into leadership include the years worked as a clinical nurse on the stroke unit. Recognizing the leadership skills of her unit director inspired her to consider pursuing management
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