Healthcare Leadership Essay

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The Doctoral program in “Healthcare Management and Leadership“ will provide me with an opportunity to learn more about different perspectives and approaches of leaders in health care organizations to provide the best quality of care, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. This doctoral program will prepare me as an effective leader in a healthcare industry to see this organization as a “system” - a combination of people, processes, and other resources that, working together, achieve an end. Also, I believe that I am able to be a great instructor in university to share my knowledge and experience with students to encourage them to transform their ideas and potentials to the innovation culture in their workplaces.
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The Leaderships and C-suites have the vital and main roles to reach out to these sustainable development goals. They design strategy (vision and mission) and the policies, procedures, and performances as a roadmap are generating based on these strategies in healthcare companies. Of course, a well-developed plan is able to provide a better understanding for mid-level managers and effective operational proficiency for front line people. So, the result would be the improvement in patient satisfaction, patient safety and quality of care which are the triangles of success in healthcare system to have a profitable business.
Today is the age of technology and HIT is growing fast and leaderships and C-suits need to manage and control the changes in all level of their organizations. So, change management is one of the significant factors in healthcare industries and organizations which still need to work on technology adoption life cycle to improve acceptance of a new product or innovation, according to the population health, human behavior and patients requirements and our customer characteristics. One of these fast growing services is telehealth in digital transformation chain and there are still many gaps in strategy planning, project management, technology integration, performance management and patient engagement for telehealth. Also, there are
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