Healthcare Leadership Roles

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Changes are the only constant that is happening in healthcare leadership. Leaders are motivated to transform their organization to be more patient centered amid the complexity of regulations and policies that our health care leaders encounter (Rice, February 13, 2016). Our healthcare industry caters to a very diverse culture and ethnicity, whether in the C-suite or management position, the clients that we have in the hospital setting or in our community. I work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU); our leadership changed so much in the last two years. Nurses now are empowered to suggest changes on how we deliver and take care of our patients. Not only the physicians and management make the decision. Furthermore, we created a culture that everyone is involved and all parties give a better service to our patients and…show more content…
We have a president that is unconventional in so many ways. Health care leaders should be on alert of any new regulations and policies that may be passed or any executive decisions that may influence the healthcare industry. Our new president wants to repeal or replace the existing Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the Obama Care. ACA is not perfect; we encountered many problems when it was implemented in 2015. Repealing and replacing the ACA with no clear alternative or replacement will have a great impact on our healthcare system. Millions of Americans who have healthcare insurance under the Obama Care will be affected tremendously. This will also affect on how we deliver care to our patient and reimbursement. Right now, we are shifting from a fee for service into a value based care healthcare system. Leaders will have a huge and difficult task in deciding how to run the organization that will comply with the rules and regulations that keep on changing in a fast pace. They should have a strategy, a better plan to cope up with the
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