Healthcare Management Practices For Occupational Therapists

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Clincal Healthcare Management Practices for Occupational Therapists Problem Statement Playing an important role within an integrated continuum of health care delivery services, occupational therapy (OT) has been identified as part of the interprofessional education framework. The application of OT within health care management is capable of linking the allied health professions more synchronously with the underlying clinical management practices. The underlying research linking occupational therapy to improved health care outcomes identifies the potential to improve health care if professionals with different specializations use research evidence to inform their clinical decisions. This research will identify the use of OT as a cost effective solution to improve quality of care within the continuum of health care delivery.The interprofessional education framework provides a network of health care services that are tangential to the critical health care services provided under primary care, which is non-allied health care. Practitioners can make better health care management possible through improvement of patient emotional and psychological well-being. For example, among patients with the neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) of dementia NPS are associated with, “poor patient and caregiver outcome, including increased health care utilization, excess morbidity and mortality, and earlier nursing home placement, as well as caregiver stress, depression and reduced employment” .
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