Healthcare Management and Article Critique

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Healthcare Questions and Article Critique:
1. Incentive compensation is a major practice that has continually been adopted by healthcare organizations, especially for managers. Most of these organizations use this tool as a means of rewarding employees financial for outstanding performance. Generally, incentive compensation involves the use of monetary reward for managers to attain specific established goals. Therefore, incentive compensation can be a motivational tool that benefits health care managers and the entire organization because it enables managers to achieve greater compensation while promoting organizational productivity. As the Chief Executive Officer of a hospital, I would design an incentive compensation program for my management team by aligning the financial rewards with business objectives and people costs. This will involve the use of a comprehensive approach that examines basic pay, health benefits, incentive opportunities, and retirement programs. The alignment of the compensation program is geared towards promoting organizational productivity and employee motivation.
2. The healthcare workforce is increasingly diverse since it's characterized with representation from several different cultures and nationalities. As a result, managing diversity in the workplace and promoting multi-cultural competency have become essential to the success of these organizations. As a healthcare manager, the major steps I would take to manage diversity in the workplace
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