Healthcare Organization Undergo Elimination Of Workforce

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In the field of healthcare, the cardinal objective of the healthcare institution is to deliver health services to general plebeian. Unfortunately, with the voyage of time, due to vigorous competition within the health institutions, the notion about patient care has been ignored severely and has rather become extensively profit oriented. Moreover, health organisations have broached strategy like organisational downsizing, to endure and thrive in this lucrative world, neglecting the aftermath of such approach. Though the intention of downsizing is to achieve goals of the organisation, the fallout it induces, whether it is related to employee or the whole organisation, is inevitable. This essay will address about the impact encountered when…show more content…
P & Barnwell, N. 2006). In an investigation conducted by two Australian researchers, Peter Dawkins & Craig Littler, about the consequences of downsizing, concluded that as the organisation undergoes elimination of staff, the probability of losing honed staff and knowledge is unavoidable. Further, it may lead to unqualified staff and tyros to get promoted, which is certainly vile for the welfare of organisation (Robbins, S.P. & Barnwell, N. 2006). In relation to healthcare system, healthcare organisations require skill and honed individual day-in and day-out for the sterling progress of the organisation and deliver standard and prompt service to the patients. Curtail of such health workforce from the organisation unquestionably creates an obstacle in the services and productivity of the organisation which certainly tarnish the culture and the value it embodies. Downsizing of healthcare organisation, on the other hand, not only engender impact on employee terminated from the job but also has a major impact on survivors, who has been fortunate to retain their job (Østhus, S. & Mastekassa, A. 2010). In a survey conducted by Kletzer in 1998, enlightened that the “displaced workforces” (Østhus, S. 2012) have dismal chances of getting job and might force them to unemployment. And in addition, displaced workforce has to experience impaired family and social relationship. Likewise,
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