Healthcare Organization Undergo Elimination Of Workforce

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In the field of healthcare, the cardinal objective of the healthcare institution is to deliver health services to general plebeian. Unfortunately, with the voyage of time, due to vigorous competition within the health institutions, the notion about patient care has been ignored severely and has rather become extensively profit oriented. Moreover, health organisations have broached strategy like organisational downsizing, to endure and thrive in this lucrative world, neglecting the aftermath of such approach. Though the intention of downsizing is to achieve goals of the organisation, the fallout it induces, whether it is related to employee or the whole organisation, is inevitable. This essay will address about the impact encountered when healthcare organisation undergo elimination of workforce.
Recently, downsizing of organisation has created a buzz in the healthcare system. “Intentional reduction in jobs” (Long, Z. 2013) has been considered as the one of the most potent tool to enhance organisational performance and to achieve desired objectives (Lee, J. & Corbett, J. M. 2005). Whenever there have been economic downfall, competiveness, enhance productivity and performance of organisation or control the expenses, concern authority has deployed downsizing to overcome this situation (Bediako, S). Though the inaugural feedback of downsizing has been prosperous, later on plethora of problems have led to debacle of the organisation (Appelbaum, S. H., Simpson, R. & Shapiro B. T).…
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