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1) What global forces have contributed to the growth of the cruise-line industry?
Answer: The global forces which have contributed to the growth of the cruise-line industry are- * Technological advance: the birth of industry was a direct respond to the technological advance in air travel that made liner travel less attractive to business people due the cost and time factors. * Market liberalization and international cooperation: the liberalization of cross border trade and resource movement had allowed the cruise line industry to force on the cheaper yet competent labor resources. At the same time, the industry is able to offer various global destinations and on land elimination package to its potential customers. * Support
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* Cost per cruise which is low than others. * Avoided areas to make the passengers free from political upheaval. * Implemented strict health and safety measures. * Dealt with economic recessions by offering shorter cruises that embarks closer to home. * Offered fixed cruise-price. * Minimized staffing costs by sourcing employees on a global basis. 4) What threats exist for the future performance of cruise-line industry and, specifically, of carnival cruise lines?
Answer : Millions of dollars are required in order to train and maintain employees, besides that ,the start up capital of a cruice line company is very huge that it discourages and limits the number of potential entrants. It is not easy for new entrants with low brand equity to complete with the established cruise line companies in the industry. The availability of diversified substitute adds to the competitiveness of the cruise line industry. There are always alternative forms of cheaper accommodation for families. Cruise lines must be able to always offer competitive vacation packages prices in order to secure sales during all seasons and also cater for people during all sorts of economics stability. The cruise companies must provide aggressive pricing to retain the customers stands a better chance to survival. 5) Discuss the ethics of cruise lines regarding the avoidance of taxes while buying
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