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Aging Demographics in Health Care Cynthia Mays HCS/490 University of Phoenix January 19, 2012

Aging Demographics in Health Care
The expected growth of the older population in the United States over the next fifty years will have an exceptional impact on the U.S. health care system. Population aging is a complex issue that concerns not only the well-being of today’s older American’s but also comprehensive areas and sectors affecting the total population, such as health, labor markets and public finances. It affects and engages communities, all levels of government, and all sectors of society. In this paper there is a discussion of the aging population and the impact it has on
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One health care related challenge is the increase in prescription drug costs because many health problems are prevented, cured, or managed effectively for years through the use of prescription drugs. This allows the patient to become dependent on the drugs and less reliant on the physician visits. This also causes the Medicaid and Medicare programs to sky rocket because of the low to no income of the aging population.
Medicare and Medicaid account for a large and growing share of federal spending. In the years to come, federal spending on health care will rise sharply—mostly because of increasing costs per beneficiary but also because the aging of the baby boom generation will significantly raise the number of beneficiaries. If health care spending grows as projected under current law, future budget deficits will rise to levels that will seriously jeopardize long-term economic growth unless policymakers sharply reduce other projected spending, substantially increase revenues as a share of gross domestic product (GDP), or do some combination of the two.
Chronic diseases, which affect older adults disproportionately, contribute to disability; diminish quality of life, and increased health and long-term costs. A chronic disease wellness program may affect an aging population by digital health coaching that provides individuals with the knowledge and
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