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Title of Article Davis, K. L. (2014, Sep 15). Hospital Mergers Can Lower Costs and Improve Medical Care; stand-alone hospitals have too few patients to thrive in the new era of population health management. Wall Street Journal Retrieved from Summary U.S Healthcare expenditures are too high - nearly $9000 per capita. With healthcare cost rising rapidly, a change to how we approach healthcare systems has to be reviewed. Dr. Davis, the writer of this article makes the point that as times have passed; due to the higher cost of care, a huge opportunity for hospital mergers to happen is needed in order to continue to improve and drive higher quality in…show more content…
An example given in the article, super computers can be used in a health system to mine existing data and create models for treatment of existing diseases. Patterns can be identified and thus help support and help individuals better understand their risk of illness, customize prevention, and create treatment strategies • Evidenced Based Care Hospitals mergers can also have a positive impact in our communities with the use of evidence based care. By having hospital systems that merge prove positive cost saving outcomes; for being able to create programs that help keep a population healthy through preventative medicine, education, customized treatments and reduction of over utilization, you end up rewarding them financially for excellent care. While we know that unnecessary overlap, hospital role in community based needs, improving quality of care, and evidenced based care are strong concepts and ideas, we can only wonder as to how potentially impactful and efficient they can really be. These mergers will have to be carefully done in order to make them efficient and be able to drive quality care. Concepts This article directly recommended that the idea of merging hospitals would completely help and encourage more efficiency and greater ability to drive care through better more cost effective practices and models. Many of these concepts and ideas that this article referenced were brought
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