Healthcare Policy Analysis Essay

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Healthcare policy analysis
Vanessa Connor
Week 7 Devry University Professor Hasting

Healthcare policy analysis

Its finally happening!We get to manage our own health care .Our issues with Healthcare and insurance is finally looking up in a positive way .Finding a doctor won't be such a hassle nor will it be someone else telling you who you have to pick . Insurance won't be so high and even has made it possible to carry insurance without it breaking our pockets each month .This new way of insurance marketing is a great idea . I feel this will save our pockets and cost of health care can finally go down .The facts are exceptional and putting a great attitude in a lot of people to feel good about
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These states are: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. HHS’ approval of these marketplaces is conditioned on the states addressing a short list of issues highlighted in the review process.

This Issue Brief examines issues related to managed competition and the use of a health insurance exchange for the purpose of addressing cost, quality, and access to health care services. It discusses issue that must be addressed when designing an exchange in order to reform the health insurance market and also examines state efforts at health reform that use an exchange. The basic component of managed competition is the creation an organized marketplace that brings together health insurers and consumers (either as individuals or through their employers).The sponsor of the exchange would set "rules of engagement" for participating insurers and offer consumers a menu of choices among different plans. Ultimately, the goal of a health insurance exchange is to shift the market from competition based on risk to competition based on price and quality.Among the issues that need to be addressed if an exchange that uses managed competition has a realistic chance of reducing costs, improving quality, and expanding coverage:
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