Healthcare Potition : The Causes Of Healthcare Corruption In China

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I. Background
In the past several years, China’s unprecedented economic growth has helped millions of Chinese move out of poverty. However, a lot of problems have emerged, with corruption being the most serious one. According to the Communist Party's corruption watchdog, “Chinese authorities have punished more than 210,000 officials for corruption in the first half of 2017.” The statistics suggest that a great number of government officials in China are carrying out corrupted acts, and the situation is almost uncontrollable.

Although political corruption calls most of the media’s attention, it is removed from the average person’s life. By contrast, given little attention, healthcare corruption is actually what affects millions of ordinary Chinese citizens the most. In recent years, hospitals and doctors are involved in many scandals, such as: arbitrary levying of medical fees, taking bribes (kickbacks) from pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies during the procurement process and using substandard or fake medicines to treat patients (Waikeung Tam). In 2013, It was reported that in Zhengzhou, a city in China, “1088 doctors and 133 administrators from 73 hospitals in the city were found taking bribes and kickbacks, totaling US$ 3.34 million.” The shocking statistics indicate the severity and prevalence of healthcare corruption in China.

II. Argument
Although a lot of research has been done to examine causes of healthcare corruption, few focus on effects that it
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