Healthcare : Preservation And Enhancement Of Physical And Mental Health

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Financial Healthcare
Healthcare is widely described as the preservation and enhancement of physical and mental health, specifically through the provision of medical services (Notara, Koulouridis, Violatzis, & Vagka, 2013). Health affects everyone and is prominent in all aspects of one’s life because it cuts through a wide range of human activities (Gable, 2011). Furthermore, this brings about the argument on whether or not health should be considered a right or a privilege. According to Gable (2013), health is essential to the human condition and is a multifaceted, relativistic concept that is at the basis of the Human rights law. The Human rights law relies on two foundational concepts: firstly, that human rights are universal and indisputable, and secondly, that human rights surpass state dominion and obligate governments to protect, respect, and fulfill the human rights of all people within their jurisdiction (Gable, 2013). The Human rights law acknowledged everyone’s right to a standard of living that is adequate for their health and well-being that includes: food, clothing, shelter, medical care, social services, and their right to security in circumstances that are beyond their control (Gable, 2013). Moreover, because healthcare is essential to the well-being of others this further answers the previous question that yes, in fact, healthcare should be considered a right and not a privilege.
The Affordable Care Act, Funding Sources, and Reimbursement Methods
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