Healthcare Professional Education Is Expensive

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Healthcare professional education is expensive. [1] However it is of high value. The outcomes of healthcare professional education are also expensive – fully qualified healthcare professionals that command high wages. However the outcomes of healthcare professional are of high value too – healthcare professionals are the foundations of our health service and our healthy society. [2] Healthcare professional education ultimately produces a workforce and that workforce is governed by the rules of labour economics – like any other workforce. Despite all of these largely incontrovertible facts, there has been remarkably little interest in the relationship between healthcare professional education and labour economics. This is surprising in view of: the cost of healthcare professional education – the UK spend on healthcare professional education is £5 billion; the cost of paying the healthcare workforce – which is always a significant proportion of the total healthcare spend; the importance of high quality healthcare professional education; and the importance of having a high quality workforce. [3] In this short article I attempt to redress this shortcoming by describing some of the factors that can affect healthcare professional education and labour economics, and some of the ways in which these two disciplines can interact with each other. In this article, when I say healthcare professional education, I mean undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development for…
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