Healthcare Providers Have Many Different Fields

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Healthcare providers have many different fields. Though each type of provider has different jobs, many characters are shared in the fields. The characteristics are part of basic necessities in a health care provider’s career. I am empathetic, honest, dependable, willing to learn, and competent. When someone is empathetic, it means they can relate or understand someone. This could be someone’s feelings, actions, or situations. Empathy however, should not be confused with sympathy. Many patients might dislike to feel pity, and it could lead to problems between the caregiver and the patient. The most recent memory I have of being able to empathize with someone is when my best friend was struggling in class due to a teacher. The teacher was not always the best at assisting in confusion and did not understand how any student could not grasp the material. My friend, was unable to fail classes without getting in trouble. She was stressed, and she was confused on what to do. Empathizing was easy because of having had teachers who I never understood well. I helped her by explaining lessons on a simpler form and changing the way the information was given. Her grades did improve, and she passed the class. Honesty is an important character in health care providers because the person who needs care along with other workers should feel they can trust you. Many careers require honesty, but as a health care worker being honest about mistakes, problems, or many other things can be
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