Healthcare Providers and Products Essay

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Health Care Providers and Products HCS/235 April 18.2016 Health Care Providers and Products A health care provider is any individual, institution, or agency that provides health services to health care consumers otherwise known as patients ( Health care providers are vital because they are trained to provide health services to patients which help treat illnesses, diseases, broken bones, or any injuries or health issues in which they are trained to treat. One type of health care provider is preventive or public health and they provide treatment to prevent sickness and health issues or to prevent issues from becoming worse. Preventive services are…show more content…
Another health care provider service that is important to individuals is acute care. Acute care provides of secondary health care where a patient receives active but short-term treatment for a severe injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery ( Acute care services are generally delivered by teams of health care professionals from a range of medical and surgical specialties. Acute care may require a stay in a hospital emergency department, ambulatory surgery center, urgent care center or other short-term stay facility, along with the assistance of diagnostic services, surgery, or follow-up outpatient care in the community. Hospital-based acute inpatient care typically has the goal of discharging patients as soon as they are deemed healthy and stable. Acute care settings include but are not limited to: emergency department, intensive care, coronary care, cardiology, neonatal intensive care, and many general areas where the patient could become acutely unwell and require stabilization and transfer to another higher dependency unit for further treatment ( An individual can be treated whether they ability to afford treatment or not due to a federal law known as the Emergency
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