Healthcare Reform And Healthcare Information Systems

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Healthcare Reform and Healthcare Information Systems The United States healthcare system needed resuscitation long before President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2009 into law. Never has medicine made such strides as seen today in treating acute and chronic diseases and helping Americans achieve a higher level of wellness and unsurpassed longevity. However, for all of medicine’s remarkable achievements, there is the uncomfortable dichotomy of fragmented care, out of control costs, unacceptable numbers of preventable deaths caused by medical errors, and millions of uninsured children and adults with little to no access to quality care. There was never a debate about the need for healthcare reform, rather the debate centered on how reform would translate into meaningful and measurable changes. Legislators knew a pivotal player in improving healthcare in this country would be to harness the power of technology to reshape everything we know about delivering care. Although it has been far from smooth sailing, the healthcare industry is now experiencing an uncomfortable adjustment to the Affordable Care Act, the HITECH act, and the Health Data Initiative (HDI). These initiatives all require a commitment to build on the information technology infrastructure to create a safer, less costly, and more reliable healthcare system. The following narrative explains the acts requirements, challenges, and leadership’s roles in implementing this new normal. In addition,
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