Healthcare Reform : Obamacare, Or Also Known As The Affortable Care Act

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Purpose of the Policy or Program: ObamaCare, or also known as the Affortable Care Act, is a primarily known United States healthcare reform law that expands and truly aims to improve access to care and spending through the economies regulations and taxes for the countries citizens. The primary and main focus of the Affortable Care Act is to provide assistance for more and more Americans with access to adequate, good, and affordable health insurance, this is where improving the quality not quantity of health care is aimed by the health insurance, and reducing the health care spending within the United States of America. So known, to many Americans, there is a crisis, or even we can say it’s an epidemic in a way where many Americans are…show more content…
(Cite) The main aspects this Act is designed to aim towards would be; offering Americans a number of new benefits, rights, and protections within to their own healthcare, setting up a health insurance marketplace which can be accessed at “” and also it’s where Americans can purchase federally regulated and subsidized health insurance during its open enrollment. Other aspects of assistance the ObamaCare Act aims to do is improving Medicare for seniors and those with long term disabilities, expanding employer coverage to millions of employee’s, and introducing new taxes and tax breaks among other provisions for the American people. (Cite) The affordable care act truly contains over a thousand pages of reforms to the insurance and health care industries in order to combat rising health care costs that are manifesting all around the country. Throughout the developing statistics pertaining to the American that did not receive health care insurance, it was stated that as of 2013 there were close to around 44 million Americans who went without health insurance, this can be a little less than sixteen percent of the United States population (Cite). So let’s take a look at the majority of those individuals that are unisured, they
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