Healthcare Reimbursement : The Future Of Healthcare

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James Robert Simpson Mrs. Walters English 113 24 September 2015 Healthcare Reimbursement The future of healthcare has been a main concern for quite a long time now. Dealing with health care has been a huge issue on how to pay PAs and physicians. Health care has come a long way but it still has its ups and downs. Health-care has been the cause of many problems and will continue to be problems. Medicare and Medicaid have to deal with both PAs and physicians on how to bill them. Medical reimbursement and pricing policies have been an issue. Health care plans such as Medicare and Medicaid are increasingly becoming more of a problem for physicians because of the financial and reimbursement issues the plans are causing. Since 1992, health cares like Medicare have reimbursed physicians on a fee-for-service basis that weighs their service and expenses and then converts the weights to money (Wilensky, 8). According to Gail Wilensky, “Congress replaced an existing spending constraint with the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) to reduce reimbursements if overall physician spending exceeded the growth in the economy” (Wilensky, 8). Physicians and PAs are having a hard time with health-care reimbursement. It is causing many problems and Congress needs to come up with a solution. ¨This article states several promising models, including patient-centered medical homes, accountable care organizations, and various payment bundling pilots, that could offer lessons for a larger reform
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