Healthcare: Right or Privilege?

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Healthcare: Right or Privilege The question of whether healthcare is a right or a privilege in the United States becomes irrelevant when one bothers to consider that actual reality of the situation. As evidenced by the fact that hospitals cannot deny individuals emergency care, the United States already treats healthcare as if it is a right, albeit a fairly poorly-protected one. With this in mind, the real question becomes how this bare minimum of respect for the importance of healthcare affects the healthcare industry as a whole, and if there is room for improvement. Upon examining the data, it becomes clear that the somewhat schizophrenic approach of the United States, which is to demand free emergency care while denying accompanying free preventative care, has led to runaway costs and diminishing levels of care. The American healthcare system is in a state of crisis, but thankfully there are still some options left. By comparing the state of the American healthcare system with other developed countries that are able to provide better quality of care for a lower price, it becomes clear that the United States need some bare minimum of publicly-funded healthcare if it ever hopes to improve its healthcare system before it collapses under its own tidal wave of costs. Introduction The current state of the American healthcare industry has consequences reaching far beyond the health of individuals, because decisions regarding health care and insurance reverberate
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