Healthcare, Scripps Mercy Hospital, And Kaiser Permanente

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Sharp Healthcare, Scripps Mercy Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente are the major stakeholders in the San Diego healthcare market. The main competitor for Scripps Mercy Hospital is Sharp Healthcare, with both hospitals having around 25% of the inpatient discharge. Furthermore, Sharp has a slight edge over Scripps regarding the overall comprehensive care provided. Kaiser Permanente and UCSD Medical Center maintain approximately 10% of the market share (Tu et al., 2013). In terms of space and resources, all of these hospitals provide emergency care and acute care facilities. Both UCSD Medical Center and Sharp Healthcare equally engage Scripps Mercy in providing a diversity of medical facilities. Moreover, UCSD Medical Center and Sharp Healthcare are the major competitors in this distinct segment. Kaiser Permanent poses a moderate risk to Scripps Mercy Hospital, as it outsources significant services to other hospitals. Kaiser permanent is planning to grow in this segment as it has plans to expand by three more hospitals by the end of 2030. In the near future, Kaiser Permanente will ultimately become a major competitor for Scripps (Tu et al., 2013). Sharp Healthcare provides substantial competition to Scripps Mercy in terms of cost-effectiveness, as Sharp is one of the lowest cost providers. In general, Scripps provides most services at a premium cost. Furthermore, all of the other three hospitals are high-risk competitors to Scripps Mercy Hospital in this segment. The quality of

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