Healthcare Security Research Paper

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What is the importance of Health Care Security?
I do believe that having security in our healthcare system is vital to keeping our hospital communities safe. During my reading of chapter ten, I found a lot out about why there is security in hospitals, etc. Before reading though, I really didn’t understand why there were security guards and police officers in hospitals. They are supposed to be “safe” places, so why would we need offices to protect us, right? Wrong! In my reading, I learned that urban medical centers are targeted for crime. They are run like small cities and never close. They have shopping centers, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. There are many patients inside of these medical centers who are very ill and cannot take care for
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There are so many people who come in and out of hospitals every day that it is hard to keep track of everyone. The security surrounded these facilities has gotten way better over the years, including access controls, surveillance, and security officers to name a few.
After reading and research, I do believe that it was very smart to bring security into healthcare facilities because although they are placed here to help our citizens, you have people out there who see these places as soft targets and terrorize them because they believe it is easy. However, because hospitals have some form of security, I don’t believe we should stop there. I think there should be around the clock police officers in hospitals, preferably 2, if they aren’t there already. I know the hospital where I was born doesn’t have police officers, and I don’t think I’ve seen a security guard there at night, or in the day, I’ve been there within the past two months every weekend and can’t recall seeing one. It may have just been me not paying attention to my surroundings, but if I noticed the lack of security, I’m sure someone else has too.
In conclusion, I believe that it is vital to have heavy security in healthcare facilities so that we can make sure the hospital citizens can get better without having to worry of any danger coming their
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