Healthcare Smart Goals

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Healthcare SMART Goals Name Instructor's Name Course & Code SMART Goals The first goal is to "promote professional development through mentoring programs for career development, professional growth, increase of morale, and quality within my nursing career by the end of one year." The second goal is to "apply the principles of effective organization involving use of information, focus on patient care giving, and design clinical care giving in an organizational chart to achieve organizational planning and evaluation as all levels." Leadership Development Goal The leadership development goal is to assist and direct personal efforts towards professional development in healthcare. To achieve this, this goal requires the use of mentorship programs and mentors to guide in increasing morale to work, achieving maximum career development, and realizing growth in the nursing profession by the end of the academic year. The goals overall aim entails developing competencies and skills that will increase the quality of care in my career. The article by Bally Jill (2007) identifies that nursing leadership can use mentoring culture to achieve professional and career development in nursing, and increase the quality of care given, especially for acute care nurses. This is because the article finds that nurses often have low morale, heavy workloads, high patient acuity, apathy towards professional collegial support, and reduced resources. The article identifies that mentoring in
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