Healthcare Spending in the United States

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Healthcare Spending HCS/440 July 24th, 2014 Healthcare Spending The national healthcare spending within the United States keeps increasing annually. The overall deficit keeps increasing due to national healthcare expenditures. In 2012, the healthcare deficit was three trillion dollars. Due to services such as medical treatments and health insurance; the healthcare spending will continue to increase. National Healthcare Expenditures In the United States, the overall projections are primarily based on the National Healthcare expenditures. These projections are measured by the form of services or goods provided. Services may include physician care, hospital care, and clinical services rendered. Goods may consist of necessary…show more content…
This is another reason why the healthcare spending is continuously increasing and it is extremely high. If the hospitals deny anyone of medical treatment, then they will be breaking a federal law. Therefore; since these services are being provided to these illegal immigrants who are in need, the health insurance premiums keeps increasing for legal U.S. citizens. This is unfair for payers since they are not responsible for the services being provided to illegal immigrants. Public’s Healthcare Spending The public’s healthcare needs are paid for by various means. Some people use private health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare to pay their health bills. In 2012, the Medicare grow has been thought to have deceleration and the spending growth will decrease by over six percent. In 2012, the total Medicare spending was over five hundred and eight billion dollars ("National Health Expenditure Projections 2012-2022 ", 2012). In 2012, the Medicaid spending grew over 2% and the total healthcare spending was around $416 billion dollars. By the end of 2014, the healthcare spending for Medicaid is projected to be over 12%. This brings the enrollment total to increase by over eight million dollars. Depending of the individual’s finances dictates the type of insurance that they possess. Some people can afford private health insurance. The private health insurance is
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