Healthcare System Complexities, Impediments, and Failures

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Select Article Define the issue. In the last several years, the total number of nurses working in the field of health care has been continually declining. This is because more people have become frustrated with the challenges that they are facing from an increasing number of patients and more responsibilities. Moreover, the passage of the Affordable Care Act will place even more individuals into the system. This is problematic, as there is expected to be a shortage of 1 million RNs by 2020. (Reilly, 2011) Describe five influencing factors. The five factors that are influencing these outcomes include: strict standards, the lack of coordination, changing roles, the large outlay of time / money and greater amounts of stress. Strict standards require that all RNs must have a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in order to be eligible to work at most health care facilities. This means that someone with an Associate Degree or certificate will often not qualify for these positions (despite staff shortages). (Reilly, 2011) Changing roles is when nurses are expected to perform many of the responsibilities of doctor. This can increase their work load and time involved in working with patients. The large outlay of cash and time requires spending tens of thousands of dollars and four years of their life just to obtain the degree. For most people, this is troubling as they do not see the economic benefits that nursing can provide. (Reilly, 2011) The greater amounts of stress will
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