Healthcare System Is A Fundamental Right For An Individual

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Introduction Health is one of the global challenges for humanity. According to the constitutions of World Health Organization (WHO) the highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental right for an individual. Healthy individuals lead to secure their lifetime income and hence to increase in gross domestic product and in tax revenues. Healthy individuals also reduce pressure on the already overwhelmed hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals and reduce workload on the public safety networks, charities, and governmental (or non-governmental) organizations. To keep individuals healthy an effective and readily accessible modern healthcare system is a prerequisite. Introduction With the rapid increase of the older population coupled with that of its life span, the number of patients who require monitoring also increases. Therefore, it is predicated that the cost of hospitalization and patient care will rise worldwide. This includes patients who suffer sentinel events associated with; incorrect medication, dosage inaccuracies, contraindications or critical delays in interventions resulting in hospitalization. Health monitoring systems (HMS) can play a significant role in reducing hospitalization, burden of medical staff, Consultation time, waiting lists and overall healthcare costs. Health monitoring systems can be classified into three categories which are identified below. Introduction REMOTE HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEMS (RHMS) REFER TO

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