Healthcare System in Great Britain

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Health Care System in Great Britain Organization of health care in Great Britain Health care in the United Kingdom is devolved depending states: other states like Scotland and Northern Ireland are separate entities and do not form part of the UK medical healthcare system. The states have their own private and public sectors of health care to the people. Devolution stretches to every activity that is concerned with delivering of health care facilities and personalities required that serve the citizens. The model of offering health care among the citizens of the United Kingdom is different from those of other states like Wales and Scotland. Moreover, the policies and strategies of health care are different between the United Kingdom and other states. Great Britain stands on its own as a separate entity that ensures the citizens of the federal government have accessed equitable health care services. The payments of the health care services offered by the states go all the citizens is catered for by the general taxation body within the federal government. Every state has a private health care centre that is smaller than the public health care sector. The private health care provisions are provided by the private sector through direct funding by the patient or through taxation accruals in cases where the patient suffers complicated cases like AIDS/HIV (Dewar, 2010). The United Kingdom was ranked as the fifth best in the world by the world health organization. This
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