Essay about Healthcare System in Turmoil

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Health Care System in Turmoil The current health care system in the United States is in turmoil for many years because of two major problems which continues to be: patient access to care and the cost of care. There are well over 50 million Americans who continue to be uninsured today and a national health care tax called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 has been passed and challenged and upheld by the United States Supreme Court, as a tax not a law, here recently which is suppose to be an answer to most of our health care insurance issues. Even though most Americans may agree that our health care system is in turmoil and needs to be reformed, not everyone agrees that a national health care tax is the…show more content…
It is amazing to note that when most Americans when asked what they think the most important health care issue facing the United States the cost and access to care remains the most common response. (Newport, Jones, & Saad, 2012). Americans living in rural areas have found out that getting access to quality health care is not only hard to obtain but very expensive. People who live in rural areas have the highest rates diseases that are chronic, poverty is higher, an having no insurance, and there are limitations to having access to primary care physicians to millions of rural Americans. Since the economy is going through a downturn, this has the potential to cause a rise in a number of access and health issues that are already causing problems in communities in rural areas.(HealthReform.Gov., 2012). This is where the new health care tax or the Patient Protection and Affordable Act of 2010 will play one of its greatest roles which is its main goal which is to allow coverage to all residents of the United States and thereby improving the delivery of needed health care to rural parts of America. (Becker & Dunn, 2012). A national health care system such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care of Act of 2010 that was passed in March that year, appears to offer some solutions to a great number of major issues facing our health care system. In June of 2012, this new
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