Healthcare Systems And Free Market Healthcare System

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This paper explores the importance of healthcare qualities explaining the healthcare objectives to be encircled by the quality domain. The people will only trust their healthcare system if they have trust on the facilities and quality of the procedures. The paper also explores the key differences between single payer governmental system and free market healthcare system. The accessibility, cost reduction and quality assurance are three major points on which these differences are based on the basis of quality. Three initiatives discussed to improve the quality of the treatment with lowest reduced costs are fixing a common contract fee between contractors and suppliers, construction and installation of a national as well as a local database to store and secure the patient data and formation of professional counsel of highly competent physicians to research for new treatment methods and medicines. These three initiatives will not only contribute in the production of largest healthcare organization but it will also boost the healthcare reforms in national plan. The information of the patients must be kept secure by protecting it with the passwords and allowing the access to only relevant authorities.
The purpose of healthcare organizations is to serve the patients by providing quality health treatments and coverage plans in minimum costs and feasibility. The awareness of the importance of public health can be improved by the performance of the healthcare executives and devised…
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