Healthcare Systems And The Healthcare System

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Abstract: The US healthcare is an unstable system, even with the recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act the need to improve several components of this act, prevent it from being the model of universal healthcare which is needed for our nation. Systematically, our healthcare system has been led by insurance payers and big pharma and not by what is best for the patients/consumer. There are many variables which contributed to the challenges within our current healthcare system, the centralization and uniformity within the system can be the key to sustaining it and allowing for it to function as a system which benefits Americans. In this paper, I will explore the current challenges within our healthcare system and provide recommendations for improvement. . The challenges in our US healthcare system are not new, over the past three decades we have seen an increase in our population, significant fluctuations in our overall economy which increased unemployment, and a growth in health disparities. Unlike, other countries such as Canada, Australia and Europe the United States does not provide a unified healthcare model run by a primary agency for its legal residents. The insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies have been the primary stakeholders in the US system and have continued to profit. It is common knowledge that pharmaceutical companies sponsor diseases and promote them to prescribers and consumers (Moynihan, Heath, & Henry (2002). Since there
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