Healthcare Systems And The Healthcare System

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The predominant healthcare system problems in America should be conceptualized from the perspectives of the healthcare organization administrators inclusive of the people with business skills as well as healthcare providers. The issue of crisis in healthcare organizations is highly complex, and the researcher is mainly focused on unearthing the use of public relations in addressing the complex health crisis events in the United States’ current healthcare system and to offer recommendations for the problems that would ensure the continuity of the business during crisis events. This chapter will offer a wide overview of the United Sates healthcare system and its various related issues and ways of solving such problems mainly through crisis…show more content…
Birth stage- The organization failed to prevent the crisis at the conception stage and has now been born. The public is aware of the crisis, and the organization can no longer hide it. Timely intervention models and creative measures are applicable here to minimize adverse effects for further damages. Growth stage- here, the crisis is natured and is escalating at the faster rate. The organization is trembled hence attract negative media publicity that attracts the interest of the public. Maturity stage- the crisis has reached climax at this stage after defiling other stages. This stage is nasty to the organization, and the management makes decisions such as employing PR professionals to address the crisis. Decline stage- here, the crisis is responding to the various corrective measures adopted at the maturity stage. The public disappointment with the organization is resettled, and the organization is put under control. 2.5 Privatization and Healthcare in America The healthcare system in America is very involved. The administration of President Clinton dedicated two years focusing on the development of a system of healthcare for every American. The administration was incapable of reaching a consensus that met the needs of the wide consortium of healthcare stakeholders and issues involved in health. In the present healthcare political environment, the healthcare managers must
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