Healthcare Systems And The United Kingdom

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Undoubtedly, healthcare services can maintain or improve both physical and mental health of individuals and it is crucial for all the citizens. Therefore, a majority want to receive free and approachable healthcare service irrespective of their social background, age or health status by the government. However, a well-organized and effective free healthcare system is complicated to provide to the public and the government will face enormous challenges and dilemmas when they authorize the citizens to access essential healthcare without any charge. This essay discusses two different healthcare systems in the United Kingdom and the United States and analyses the effectiveness and efficiency of both free public and private healthcare. It will be argued that the healthcare system will be more effective if the health care is partially provided by the government free of charge and partly provided by the private companies. Firstly, the funding of universal healthcare predominantly comes from the taxation, therefore, it will burden the taxpayers with heavy taxes; while a small proportion of individual cannot afford the private health insurance in the private market, thus, two healthcare systems should implement together. In the United Kingdom, National Health Service (NHS) provides a comprehensive range of health services to all the residents (Aspalter et al, 2012, p.21), however, numerous of British against a rise in income tax to pay more towards the NHS since the systems are
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