Healthcare Systems And The United States

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According to the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems the United States ranks at number 37 overall and is the only wealthy industrialized nation that doesn 't have a universal healthcare system. If this is to be fixed we need to take a look at other countries systems and learn how to improve conditions. This paper is going to talk about five countries; Spain, Germany, Canada, Cuba, and the United States. These countries cover a wide variety of healthcare systems. According to most lists America has the worst health care of these countries so it should try to learn from these countries to improve itself.
Like with anything else there are many ways to determine how good a healthcare system is. The first way is the percent GDP spent on healthcare this shows what percent of the economy is being spent towards healthcare but it doesn 't really show how much a single person is spending. This leads to the second way of showing which is the amount spent per capita, which shows how much money on average a person is spending on healthcare in a year. The weakness of this measurement is that it does not account for how much income the people make so in a poor country the amount spent per capita could be a lot less than a wealthy country but still be worse. The types of hospitals is important because public hospitals can 't turn anyone away while private hospitals are smaller and have newer technology and less patients. According to T.R. Reid in his book…
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