Healthcare Systems Of The Healthcare System Essay

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Healthcare business comprises of various systems that focus to address the needs of clients and patients who entirely rely on the services of these facilities for prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases. Some of these systems include home health care, hospice care, and palliative care and assisted living. This paper will focus on three healthcare systems of interest and discuss the relevance of 5 Ps of healthcare marketing. Additionally, the paper will also elaborate the potential impact of these marketing Ps to the healthcare system and evaluate the health system that is most promising. Therefore, the three areas of interest to be covered in this paper are hospice care, home health care, and primary care. Primary care denotes healthcare services provided on a day to day basis by a healthcare provider. Ideally, practitioners in primary care act as the first contact for the patient in the healthcare system. Professionals in this type of care include general practitioners, clinical officers and registered nurses (Lieneck & Greathouse, 2015). On the other hand, home health care refers to a variety of services that are discharged to patients at the comfort of their homes. Accordingly, this type of care is intended for ill patients or those that have been injured. Home health care has gained popularity over time due to its convenient and affordable services. Hospice care is the other type of care that is discharged in the health system. It is specialized care intended
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