Healthcare Technology And The Medical Field

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Healthcare technology is very crucial in the medical field and its constantly changing and updating over the years. The healthcare system went from a large amount of paperwork and files to electronic databases. Today, patients have access to their electronic health records, EOB’s, and etc. The new technology today was developed to make everything more efficient and more accessible to everyone. It was developed to meet everyone’s needs within the medical field. In one article, it states that the healthcare field has seen developments and growths in IT department functions and at the same time, a larger role for chief information officers within recent years. Due to this, it’s becoming more for assisting the healthcare organizations to attain their organizational and strategic goals. IT departments are utilized for revenue-cycle management, enhancing the cash flow and from analytics assisting with the financial and clinical parts of the healthcare organization (Versel, 2014). Technology is already being utilized in medical offices and as we all know technology is constantly changing. There will be an outbreak in technology where doctors can transform the way they diagnose diseases and treat their patients. “By building a strong backbone of data in your company, you will reinforce your ability to innovate in line with the health care industry (Saxena, 2015). Technology is providing more ways for medical professionals to care for and engage their patients in a lot of different
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