Healthcare Technology Trends

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Graphic of healthcare technology Type of health care technology How each technology contributes to the health care system in the United States How each medical technology type affects or affected clinicians and organizations Healthcare testing and screening devices (CAT scans; mammograms) Improved testing enables prescreening for a variety of medical conditions and can reduce long-term healthcare costs through early treatment The costs of testing and the risks of false positives must be balanced against the overall value of early detection Pharmaceuticals Improved drugs can result in improved treatment; however drugs are expensive and there are concerns about over-medication and the influence of drug companies upon the healthcare system Using drugs to enhance patient care without over-medication and finding the right combinations of medication (in an affordable fashion) remains a continual challenge Less invasive surgical technology Less invasive surgical technology such as laparoscopic procedures can reduce patient recovery time and allow for more low-cost outpatient procedures Improved surgical techniques reduce risks and complications and can also increase the demand for surgery given improved cost-benefit analysis for the patient Discuss trend(s) that have directly impacted the U.S. population and health care over the last 50 years. Provide specific details. One noticeable trend that has had a major impact upon U.S. healthcare is the 'greying of
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